Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A banner class

This post has nothing to so with my transplant except that it is a testament to how well I feel that I am back in organizing/crafting mode!

Banner class

Yes. A banner class as in making banners but the other meaning would totally work too.

I casually mentioned to Carrie V, who  has really got into paper crafts, that it would be fun to have a paper something class. I kind of thought vaguely sometime in the future but our girl Carrie got right on it and lo and behold the class was created!  Not too far in the future but on December 14. Yea for Carrie!  



Taught by the fantastic Carrie Vermazen. Anyone can join. No prior knowledge needed. 

A wonderfully whimsical paper banner that you can use year round for all manner of celebrations


Sunday, December 14 from 1:30 to 4:30 ( you might be speedy and finish earlier)


TBD depending on how many of you want to join the banner bonanza. ( Of course we will let you know)


The kit is provided and comes with everything you need to make the banner. It also has all kinds of fun pieces for you to make cards, invitations, goodie bags etc at home.  Carrie has an extensive "library" of ribbons, stamps and other fun stuff which she will bring so you can add some craziness to your creation. Sile will provide shortbread.


$20. If you let us know by 10pm tonight ( Dec 2nd). I know. Not much time but we only realised that the kit sale ends tonight.

$25 until December 7

Fee will be collected in class. 


Leave a comment below or email knitoneone@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you! Xxo